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Kathleen Barone of KB Bead Designs hand-makes each one of her pieces with the intention of love in each bead. Her love and passion of jewelry design goes beyond making something pretty. Kathleen designs each piece with an intentional meaning in mind, whether its a charitable cause, a one-of-a kind gift for someone special, or to make the wearer feel powerful and beautiful

Kathleen started KB Bead Designs in 2001 after she learned that a new neighbor had lost her husband in the historic 9/11 events. She created a custom piece for the woman in remembrance of her husband. After that initial creation, Kathleen knew she wanted to put her heart and soul into jewelry making, studying different techniques, sourcing as many beads as possible from antique pieces or local shops, creating and supporting countless causes, and becoming an integral part of her community. Today, Kathleen enjoys creating with her beloved dog, Nala, by her side in her eclectic Bead Room. ​If you are lucky enough to purchase, or be gifted one of these stunning pieces, you can know you are supporting a local business, devoted wife, mother, grandmother ("Mimi"), and philanthropist.

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