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These very special bracelets were created in honor of Janet Houle Blanchard & Geena Sindoni. Let's all rally behind these two Absolutely incredible women who have a very challenging road ahead.


On March 3, 2021 The Blanchard Family was struck by a horrific tragedy. Janet and her oldest daughter Geena who is 5 months pregnant were out walking her beloved dog Roxie, when they were run down and struck by a car and then brutally attacked by the driver.Due to the heroic efforts of her daughter Geena Janet was med-flighted to Boston where she remains in ICU. Janet has undergone several surgeries already and has many more extensive ones to battle through. Long term Rehab will be needed and accommodating her needs at her family home as to provide her a safe therapeutic return. Geena will also need to undergo surgery for her injuries she sustained during the attack. She is being followed up by a high risk obstetrical team as a result.


I have done many fundraisers but this one really hits home. Janet is a friend and an absolute sweetheartwho I've known for over 34 years. 100% of all proceeds will go directly to the Blanchard Family. 


Please specify your size sm. 6 1/2"

Med. 7 1/4"

Large 8"

Xlg. 8 1/2"

Janet's Journey Bracelet

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